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Tailored House E-Liquid is brought to you from beautiful southern California. Established in 2015, the team at Tailored House had a dream of a world in which delicious and indulgent ice cream sandwiches could be enjoyed all day long. Thus was born an assortment of ice cream sandwich themed vape flavors that quickly rose to nationwide recognition. Tailored House E-Liquid offers flavors that combine creamy goodness with unparalleled complementary fruit and desert profiles. Whether you prefer to start your day with an uplifting strawberry paired with savory cookie, or wind down at night with a soothing honey covered vanilla bean ice cream jammed between graham cracker, the California based team has covered the bases for you. A true standout of the line-up is Snickerdoodle Crunch. One taste of this vanilla bean ice cream contrasting brilliantly with two perfectly baked snickerdoodle cookies will immediately reveal why. Regardless if you are a fan of fruity blends or pure dessert offerings, the team at Taylor Desserts has a best-selling vape juice for you. If you’ve long dreamed of having decadent and carefully crafted ice cream sandwiches that travel with you throughout the day, look no further than Taylor Desserts. We are excited to offer the very best of the Tailored House E-Liquid lineup at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium Vape Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying vape juice online!

Berry Crunch – A vanilla bean ice cream with assorted berries sandwiched between two sugar cookies.

Honey Crunch – A vanilla bean ice cream smothered in golden honey, all between two graham cracker cookies.

Snickerdoodle Crunch – A pair of cinnamon snickerdoodle doodle cookies, stuffed with creamy vanilla bean icing.

Strawberry Crunch – A strawberry crunch ice cream packed between two sweet and savory brown sugar cookies.