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Teardrip Juice Co is brought to you from Orange County, CA. Teardrip was founded by a pair of vape industry veterans, and the result of that collaboration are legendary flavors that have long kept people coming back for more. Presenting options that cut across flavor categories, this California based team has earned their reputation for having wide ranging flavor creation expertise. A delicate morning pastry, fresh fruit and savory fruit based dessert help to illustrate that this is not a line-up to favor one set of tastes. Headlined by Pearamel, Teardrip has built a near cult following with the creamy dessert rendition of a juicy pear drizzled in caramel. While it may be the flavor that put the team on the map, it surely isn’t the only highlight. Every flavor is presented with an equally impressive dedication to balance, flavor selection and smoothness and each have a dedicated following that doesn’t seem to slow down. Whether you are a fan of desserts, fruits, or savory breakfast pastries, this range of perfectly crafted blends is sure to have an all day vape choice for you. The latest release from the team comes in the form of fruit centered, sweet treat blends. L-Drip brings you the culmination of the Teardrip mixology expertise with mouthwatering flavors ranging from sour apple all the way to grapefruit. Now is the perfect time to discover why Teardrip is regarded as a leader in vape flavor creation, and why time and time again their vape juice is listed among the all day rotations of vape enthusiasts everywhere. We are more than excited to be able to offer the top Teardrip offerings at the best prices available, and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium Vape Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying vape juice online!

Blitz – A freshly-made breakfast favorite in a savory french toast topped with sliced strawberries.

Guavarino – A delicious fruity and sweet blend combining cotton sweets with tangy nectarine and touch of guava.

Pearamel – The ultimate dessert blend of a juicy pear covered in sweet caramel drizzle with a coat of crystallized sugar.

Revenge of the Geeks – Your favorite flavor-packed fruity assortment of sweet and tart bite-sized bits.