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Vapetasia E-Liquid lines are brought to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. Vapetasia is best-known for their Killer Kustard series and for being the producer of Vape Parfait, Vape Lemonade, and Fruit N Custard along with over a dozen other flavors across a total of 7 different lines. They are well regarded for their stringent manufacturing standards using only the finest ingredients in a sterile controlled environment. Each E-liquid comes in a well-designed flavor-themed box with either a 60ml or 100ml option. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to bring you the best of the Vapetasia lines at a value packed prices and sizes.

Blueberry Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard mixed with blueberries and rounded off with vanilla sweetness.

Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard dessert treat rounded off with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness.

Lemon Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard dessert with a touch of lemon tart rounded off with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness.

Strawberry Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard mixed with strawberries and rounded off with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness.

Honeydew Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard blended to perfection with honeydew and subtle hints of vanilla sweetness.

Milk of the Poppy – A delectable blend of rich creamy goodness mixed with ripe, juicy strawberries and a hint of vanilla.

Rainbow Road – The ultimate breakfast delight dunking berries into creamy milk with a touch of tangy citrus.

Royalty II – A delicious treat combining rich, creamy, vanilla custard and hazelnut bits with a touch of mild tobacco.

Pineapple Express – A sweet, creamy pineapple combo with a hint of tart to create an excellent tropical refreshment.

Vape Lemonade Series:

Blackberry Lemonade –  A mixture of succulent blackberries and sweet lemons for a tangy and delicious blend.

Pink Lemonade – A fruity blend with a delightful lemon juice for a perfectly tangy and tart pink lemonade.

Peach Lemonade – A blend of freshly sliced peaches and lemons to give you a perfectly sweet, tart and tangy flavor.

Fruit -N- Custard Series:

Banana – A sweet ripe banana blended perfectly into a rich creamy custard for a delicious dessert.

Mango – A tropical mango blended into a rich and creamy custard dessert for a perfect sweet melody.