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Vapetasia E-Liquid comes to you from Las Vegas, Nevada. Custard is a widely loved flavor profile and almost no vape company has become more famous for a vanilla custard than Vapetasia. Killer Kustard e-liquid roared onto the scene in 2016 with its distinctive packaging and quickly propelled Vapetasia to worldwide recognition. An expertly blended vanilla custard, Killer Kustard helped to introduce countless vape enthusiasts to custard based vape juice. Consumers began to request more, and soon blueberry, lemon, honeydew and strawberry custard blends were introduced. Not content to stop at custards, the Vape Lemonade series came down the road to satisfy the fresh fruit crowd. Presenting a range of sweet tart lemonades including blackberry and a classic pink lemonade, this is one summertime lineup you won’t want to miss. Also amongst favorites sits the Vape Parfait line up with a strawberry and blueberry dessert treat, the ultimate fruit parfait combination. Whether it’s their famous custard blends or their equally impressive lemonade lineup or looking for a delightful dessert, you can count on Vapetasia to deliver high quality vape juice with world class flavor. Mouth to lung users should be sure to check out Vapetasia Salts, where the best Vapetasia vape flavors are offered in salt nicotine form. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to bring you the best of Vapetasia at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping you have come to expect!

Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard dessert treat rounded off with subtle hints of vanilla sweetness.

Strawberry Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard dessert mixed with strawberries and topped off with vanilla sweetness.

Blueberry Killer Kustard – A creamy, custard dessert mixed with blueberries and vanilla sweetness.

Milk of the Poppy – A blend of rich creamy goodness mixed with ripe, juicy strawberries and a hint of vanilla.

Pineapple Express – A sweet, creamy pineapple combo with a hint of tart to create an excellent tropical refreshment.

Royalty Two – A delicious combination of rich, creamy, vanilla custard and hazelnut bits with mild tobacco.

Blackberry Lemonade –  A mixture of succulent blackberries and sweet lemons for a tangy and delicious blend.

Blueberry Parfait – A rendition of a creamy yogurt dessert with blueberries and layered with honey granola clusters.