The Vaping Rabbit Milkman Logo

Milkman E-liquids is brought to you by The Vaping Rabbit. Founded from a small “rabbit-hole” in Los Angeles, The Vaping Rabbit began as a small-batch E-liquid company. A collaboration in 2006 between a hookah bar owner and an ice cream shop, The Vaping Rabbit grew into the brand we all know today. Using the highest quality ingredients, they’re is widely renowned for its “The Milkman” line up. Featuring milk carton designed packaging with various colors indicative of the flavor, Vaping Rabbit creates an experience with the vaper in mind. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry the entire Milkman E-liquids lineup in value-packed 60ml bottle sizes.

Mango Milk – A delectable batch of fresh juicy mangoes blended to perfection with rich, creamy milk.

Strawberry Churrios – A freshly-made churro dessert treat coated in sweet cinnamon sugar blended with ripe strawberries.

Vanilla Custard – A delicious rendition of a dessert favorite in a rich, creamy vanilla custard.

Hazel – A sweet vanilla cream mixed with hazelnuts and topped with a drizzle of rich caramel.

Little Dipper – A freshly-baked, chewy, sugar cookie dunked into a refreshing cold glass milk.

Strudelhaus – A delicious classic creamy blueberry strudel coated with a sweet powdered sugar.

Crumbleberry – A creation of delicious fresh berries paired with crumbling pieces of pie, topped off with a dollop of vanilla cream.

Milky O’s – A perfectly blended cookies and cream milkshake.

Churrios – A warm, fluffy churro, freshly baked with sugar and cinnamon and a touch of the signature milk.

Milkman – A warm, toasted fruit tart thrown it into a blender with a wonderful scoop vanilla bean ice cream and a splash of fresh milk.

Delights Series:

Pixie Tarts – A tangy bag of your favorite assorted candies with perfect mix of sweet and sour.

Melon Milk – A refreshing frozen treat giving you the ultimate honeydew satisfaction.

Pink – A sweet, chewy strawberry taffy candy infused with a touch of creamy goodness.

Heritage Series:

Gold – A well-balanced, mildly sweet tobacco infused with honey and a touch of creamy goodness.

Red – A traditional, classic full-flavored tobacco infused with ripe, decadent strawberries.

Smooth – A rich caramel infused smooth tobacco blend with a touch of creamy vanilla.