Villain Vapors Logo

Villain Vapors was established in 2012 and is brought to you from sunny Southern California. Villain Vapors uses the finest ingredients acquired in the US, bringing the highest quality crafted E-liquid to the vaping community. In doing so, Villain Vapors has expanded to over 2,000 stores worldwide and continues to give a great vaping experience to its customers. At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry the original 5 Villain Vapor E-Liquids along with the 2 Confection Vape Flavors.

Capone – A sweet tobacco blend combining American tobacco and vanilla bean with a hint of caramel.

Dillinger – Your favorite creamy sweet vanilla ice cream topped off with a light caramel drizzle.

Bonnie and Clyde – An assortment blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries in a well-balanced delicious combination.

Pair of Deuces – A delightful summer blend of juicy, ripe honeydew and sweet pear slices combined together.