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Cync is a closed vaping system is brought to you by Vape Forward, the makers of the Vapor Flask. Cync offers three variations of closed systems including a 200mah micro battery, 380mah standard battery, and 380mah stealth battery. Similar to other closed systems, there is no power button and pods are disposable. A pod is inserted into the battery body and power is generated when inhaled by the user. Cync flavor pods are offered by Cuttwood and several well-recognized ejuice brands in their most popular flavors.

Unicorn Milk E-Liquid – Delicious mouth-watering blend of ripe strawberries with a unique mix of four fresh cream flavors.

Mega Melons E-Liquid –  A delectable, tropical flavor created from the perfect blend of mango, cantaloupe, and papaya.

Tobacco Trail E-Liquid – A mild tobacco flavor with a touch of honey added for subtle sweetness in very taste.

Livid Lime E-Liquid – A sugary take on the perfect summer drink, a sweet and citrus-y glass of limeade!

Manic Mint E-Liquid  – A cool, refreshing peppermint that gives the perfect sweet mint flavor without a menthol feel.

Outrage Orange E-Liquid –  A delicious take on a ripe and juicy orange with an added zesty citrus twist.

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