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Kennedy Vapor

Kennedy Vapor from Southern California started business in 1998 as a machining company serving a variety of industries worldwide. With their expertise in machining and certified welding fabrication, Kennedy Vapors took it upon themselves to create innovative, built-to-last, hard-hitting American-made RDAs. In doing so, Kennedy recognized limitations of traditional RDAs and decided to apply their extensive CNC machining know-how to create high quality vape hardware. As the vape industry developed, they expanded their repertoire and began developing mechanical mods such as the Roundhouse and Ruby Mechanical Mod. After numerous successful products through quality, performance, and durability, Kennedy is proudly known as one of the best American-made vape company worldwide today.

Battery Safety:

  • Understand Amperage Limit. DO NOT strain battery
  • Replace batteries with torn wraps
  • Keep batteries in approved casing
  • Keep your charger in sight
  • Buy Batteries from Trusted Source
  • DO NOT use Damaged Batteries
  • DO NOT Leave batteries in car
  • DO NOT keep batteries in your pocket with lose change or keys
  • DO NOT allow battery to come in contact with water

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