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Aqua Salts introduces the best flavors from its existing vape juice line-up for for Mouth-to-Lung, Low Wattage, and Pod System vapers.

Aqua Salt is brought to you by Marina Vape from sunny Southern California. Aqua Salt introduces one of the most wide ranging selections of mouth to lung e-juice flavors available anywhere. Marina may have earned their stripes with their creamy and savory dessert and milkshake offerings, but with Aqua they undoubtedly have helped cement their reputation as an industry leader. PureOasis and Flow lead the way for Aqua Salt, each presenting a unique fruit medley which is as true to life as it is refreshing. Fruits aren’t the only place in which Aqua shines. Sweet Treat fans will be excited by a diverse lineup which covers everything from mango chews to a spot on rendition of your favorite little rainbow colored bite sized bits. Some folks just can’t love a vape flavor unless it has a bit of creaminess to it. Aqua has heard this loud and clear and delivers with an excellent lineup of options, including strawberry cream, cinnamon custard and the ever popular lemon tart. Not to be outdone, Aqua Tobacco brings to the table some of the most unique tobacco options around, including an outstanding pistachio tobacco blend. To help ensure that absolutely no palette is left behind, Aqua has brought some of it’s best selling fruit and sweet treat blends into icy menthol form. At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the entire range of Aqua Salt products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping you have come to expect.




Classic Cream Series:

Cyclone – A tasty rendition of a bowl of your favorite fruity cereal drenched in ice cold milk.

Lush – A freshly-baked dessert treat infused with sweet and tangy lemon filling with a creamy finish.

Surge – A delectable rendition of fresh strawberries blended to perfection in sweet creamy milk.

Vortex – A flavor-packed creamy custard dessert with hints of honey, cinnamon, and graham cracker bits.

Fresh Sweets Series:

Rush – A simple yet delectable, flavor-packed rendition of your favorite blue raspberry sweet treat.

Momentum – A mouth-watering rendition of your favorite sweet treat delight in tasty mango chews.

Swell – A tasty rendition of your favorite flavor-packed juicy watermelon sweet and sour treat.

Drops – A tasty rendition of your favorite pack of assorted colorful, flavor-packed sweet treats.

Fruit Series:

Pure – A sweet trifecta fruit mix of fresh strawberries, juicy watermelon, and sweet yet tart apple.

Flow – A delicious tropical fruit combination of sweet pineapple with juicy mango and a hint of guava to balance the flavor.

Mist – A delicious summer blend of sweet juicy pears, fresh Granny Smith apples, and a hint of kiwi tart.

Oasis – A refreshing fruit blend with succulent cantaloupe mixed with sweet peaches with a slight hint of papaya.

Ice Series:

Glacier – A relaxing, refreshing, cool burst of menthol blended with a crisp soothing minty finish.

Pure Ice – A sweet trifecta fruit mix of fresh strawberries, juicy watermelon, and green apple finished with a menthol blast.

Drops Ice – A tasty rendition of your favorite pack of assorted colorful, flavor-packed sweet treats with a menthol blast.

Swell Ice – A tasty take on your favorite watermelon sweet and sour treat with a refreshing menthol blast.