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Finest Salt Series is manufactured and brought to you from sunny Southern California by The Finest E-Liquid Company. Finest Salt Series introduces salts from Finest Sweet & Sour, Finest Fruit, and Finest Signature for for Mouth-to-Lung (MTL) and Low Wattage vapers.

Finest Salt Series brings you best of Finest E-Liquid into mouth to lung form. The offerings put forth cut across the multiple different Finest brands including the Signature Edition, Sweet and Sour Edition and the Fruit Edition. Finest Signature Edition introduces top flavors like Tiramisu Custard and Russian Cream, squarely aimed at catering to a wide segment of vape enthusiasts. Headlined by Berry Blast, Finest Fruit Edition introduces a selection of complementary fruit combinations that is sure to have you coming back for more. Finest Sweet and Sour E-Liquid hits a home run with Straw Melon Sour, which continues to pick up more and more fans each year. Each of the offerings are carefully designed to cater to different preferences, so that you can be sure that somewhere within their deep catalog awaits the perfect blend for you. Now is the perfect opportunity to come find out how these delicious flavors have been translated to salt nicotine while maintaining the excellent flavor production and value that has made Finest E-Liquids a market leader! At Premium Vape Supply we’re pleased to carry all flavors from the Finest Salt Series line-up. Come see why these flavors will be your next all day vape!




Signature Series:

Banana Honey – A dessert blend of milk & honey mixed with bananas, roasted almonds, and cream.

Cool Mint – A refreshing cool blast of icy spearmint with a crisp, lightly sweet finish.

Lychee Dragon – The perfectly balanced blend of juicy dragon fruit with fresh lychee.

Russian Cream (V.C.T.) – A full-flavored, smooth blend of sweet vanilla, creamy custard, and fine tobacco.

Tiramisu Custard – A dessert cake infused with custard filling, vanilla bean, and hints of espresso.

Sweet & Sour Series:

Apple Peach – A sweet take on chewy treat that blends juicy apples and sweet peaches to perfection.

Blue Berries – A tasty blend of blueberries and blue raspberry with touch of sweet lemon.

Cotton Clouds – A delicious rendition of your favorite fluffy carnival treat with a sweet finish.

Green Apple Citrus – The ultimate sweet and tart blend of green apples finished with a touch of lemon.

Lemon Lush – A tasty sweet treat rendition pairing sweet watermelon with a tangy lemon finish.

Straw Melon – The ultimate sweet and sour treat combination with the perfect balance of strawberries and watermelon.

Strawberry Chew – A succulent rendition of your favorite strawberry chewy treat with a sweet finish.

Fruit Series:

Apple Pearadise – A tasty pairing of freshly-picked ripe apples and delectable juicy pears.

Berry Blast – A delicious assortment of tasty berries highlighted by ripe strawberries and sweet raspberries.

Mango Berry – A sweet combination of juicy mangoes blended to perfection with ripe strawberries.