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Naked 100 Salts introduces the best vape juice flavors from Naked 100 Original, Menthol, and Tobacco for Mouth-to-Lung, Low Wattage, and Pod System vapers. Experience your favorite Naked 100 flavors in nicotine salts with the vast e-liquid selection of Naked 100 Salts.

Naked 100 E-Liquids launched in 2016 with 3 fantastically mixed tropical fruit flavors: Lava Flow, Amazing Mango, and Green Blast. Since then they’ve grown tremendously in popularity and have released a menthol line consisting of three flavors and added All Melon and Really Berry E-Liquids to their original line up. If you’re looking smooth fresh fruit blend that has just the right amount of sweetness, look no further! Naked 100 Salts gives you the perfect flavors to quench your all day vape thirst!




Amazing Mango – A delicious blend of fresh watery mangoes with undertones of peach creamy sweetness.

Green Blast – A unique mix of sweet honeydew and juicy green granny smith apples with a light hint of kiwi.

Hawaiian Pog – A summer tropical blend combining fresh orange with the tartness of passion fruit and a hint of guava.

Lava Flow – A delectable combination ripe strawberries, refreshing coconut, and sugary tang of pineapple.

Maui Sun – A refreshing tropical blend of fresh juicy pineapples, sweet-citrus oranges, and tasty tangerines.

Really Berry – A delicious blend of ripe blackberries and blueberries with a slight lemon touch.

Naked 100 Menthol:

Arctic Air – A soothing, refreshing, cool blast of menthol blended with a crisp minty finish.

Brain Freeze – A menthol blend with strawberry, kiwi tartness, and red pomegranates with a refreshing finish.

Polar Breeze – A menthol blend of refreshing pineapple, sweet honeydew, and juicy cantaloupe with a crisp finish.

Very Cool – A menthol blend of fresh blueberry, ripe blackberry, and sweet raspberry with a refreshing finish.

Naked 100 Tobacco:

American Patriots – A smooth and bold full-flavored tobacco that reminds you of the classic red analogs.

Cuban Blend – A smooth, rich and bold mild blend with a fantastic cuban taste for those cigar lovers.

Euro Gold – A smooth light tobacco flavor that delivers a mild taste reminding you of a light analog.