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Freemax comes to you from Shenzen, China. The Fireluke tank from Freemax became an instant hit upon its release and helped to usher in the current era of mesh coils. Available in two variations, including the smaller Fireluke Mesh and the larger Fireluke Pro, each were immediate hits. Mesh coils are renowned for their superior flavor production thanks to their innovative web design. This helps to allow for increased surface area where coil meets cotton, and thus provides for increased vapor production and flavor. Not a company to rest on their laurels, the Fireluke 2 serves as a worthy follow up, bringing with it notable design improvements including 360 degree leading holes. Designed to help speed the wicking process, the result is an even distribution of e-liquid which helps prolong the life of your coil. Freemax has also kept the consumer in mind, the majority of their coils are cross compatible between newer generations Fireluke Mesh and Fireluke Pros, a bonus which few other tank manufacturers are willing to provide. Freemax proved with the Fireluke that they are not afraid to innovate, and have since doubled down on the innovation with their newest generations. If you are searching for the most up to date vaping technology and great flavor all at the same time, Freemax is an easy choice. Now is the perfect time to discover why Freemax has earned its reputation for producing quality products and bringing the latest and greatest innovations to vape enthusiasts around the globe! At Premium Vape Supply we are excited to offer the latest Freemax products at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect.