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Vape cotton is undeniably one of the most important choices for your vape setup because it can sway flavor, and thus affect the entire vape experience. Cotton wick must be safe, pure, and durable while providing excellent flavor. Not all vape cotton is created equally and at Premium Vape Supply we’ve chosen the best brands that will give you the best combination of quality and performance in cotton wicking material. Cotton Bacon understands that cotton is the superior wicking material of the vaping world and prides itself on being the first wick designed by vapers for vapers. Cotton Bacon had the vision to create a cotton wick that was safe, pure, durable, and yielded the cleanest flavor all while being packaged in user friendly resealable packs. After analyzing other industries that utilize cotton and completing the necessary research & development, Cotton Bacon samples were tested by the local vape community to deliver a great finished product. In doing so, Wick’N’Vape launched in July 1, 2014 and has become the staple for cotton wicking material in the vape industry.