One of the main criteria for evaluating an ejuice by vapers is the PG/VG ratio. VG/PG 80/20 is a ratio used in Strawberry Donuts 120mL E-Liquid by Donuts E Juice, Blueberry Donuts 120ml E-Liquid by Donuts E juice. PG stands for Propylene Glycol and is a colorless and thin liquid that generally holds the flavor in the ejuice. VG is an acronym for Vegetable Glycerin is a more viscous liquid than PG and provides more mild flavoring with a lesser throat hit. Generally, users who vape with tanks or atomizers prefer a more balance VG/PG ratio because the thinner liquid allows for better performance and less maintenance in tank systems. Similarly, vapers that drip or chase clouds prefer higher VG ratios for a full and dense vape created from the higher VG. When it comes to VG/PG there is no right or wrong answer as it will vary from each user’s vape hardware and circumstances.